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Best Root Apps 2017 Download | Apps For Rooted Android apk

Top Best Root Apps For Android
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Top Root Apps 2017 | Apps For Rooted Android

Android is one of the most popular mobile OS in the world right now, and now a days almost everyone owns a smartphone device. Though Android is highly customizable, but still you can root it to get more control over your device. Before some time when Android rooting wasn’t discovered, people were not having much control over their device, and it was not easy to change the UI of Android. But now a days you can even root the stock Android (or Stock ROM) and get a whole new look with many customization options. Also, free music download sites are available on this blog. Once you have rooted android phone, then you can tweak its settings and make it work more efficiently, but downloading best root apps for rooted android phone.

There are many people out there who are searching for best apps after rooting android, and best rooted apps 2017. So, here in this post I am going to tell you about some of the best apps for rooted android smartphones and tablets. Do note that rooting Android device is not at all an easy process, and you may end up losing access to your device if you will not follow rooting steps carefully.

If you Android device is out of warranty, then you can try rooting it with top rooted phone apps and then have full control over your device. One more thing to keep in mind before rooting is that the apps for rooted android will void warranty. You can also read about torrenting sites on this blog. So root android phone only when you are sure. There are so many apps that root your phone available, so you can do that in one click too. Below are top ten root apps. I have also included some best root apps of 2017 in this post.

Top Best Root Apps For Android

Top Apps For Rooted Android Phone

What Is Android Rooting? There are many people out there who still don’t know about rooting, and if you are one of them, then let me tell you what is rooting? Rooting is basically a process in which a Android mobile operating system owner can get root access (privileged control) over the device. If you want, then you can download tubemate video downloader.

After rooting android device, you get administrative control and then the device can be customized accordingly. If you don’t know about how to root android device, then you can search it over Google and YouTube. There are so many step by step rooting tutorials available over there, or you can just wait as I am going to post about how to root android guide in very short time on

Must Have Root Apps APK | Best Root Apps 2017 Download

#1. Greenify – Best Root Apps 2017

Greenify - Best Root Apps 2016

Greenify is among top root apps 2017 for Android phone and tablets. If you are searching for root apps for Android that can improve your device’s battery performance, then you should definitely download Greenify. As the number of Android root users are increasing, developers are trying to make best android app for rooted android phone, and hence they launched Greenify version for unrooted android phone. You can also read about how to bypass firewall guide.

You can use this app to hibernate the background running apps to save battery life. By creating a shortcut, you can close all background running apps in just one click. Do note that there are two versions of this app available over Google Play Store, one is free and other one is paid. You can enjoy some extra advanced features in the pro version of Greenify root apps for Android.

Developer: Oasis Feng
Price: Free
Greenify (Donation Package)
Developer: Oasis Feng
Price: $2.99

#2. Titanium Backup ★ root apps for android download

Titanium Backup root apps for android

Titanium Backup is another great and must have apps for rooted android devices. There are more than 21 million users around the world who are using it, and another good thing to know about it is that you can download it more than 31 languages. This root app for Android was voted “#1 TOP ROOT APP on Twitter” once. As the name suggests it is a backup app, and if you are looking for backup apps for rooted android, then you can’t find any better app than this. download free movies app for iPhone.

Though you can download Titanium Backup root app for free via Google Play Store, but there is one pro version of it available too which offers some more features like multiple backups per app, sync to/from Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. This is definitely one of the must have root apps lollipop Android.

Titanium Backup ★ root
Developer: Titanium Track
Price: Free
Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root

#3. Device Control – Top Rooted Apps

Device Control – Top Root Apps For Android 2016

Device Control is a root app for Android that let’s you have full control over your device. If you are searching about apps for root users, then you will find this app in the list for sure. There are so many advantages of using this app, like with it you can easily configure CPU and GPU frequencies, vibration strength, screen color temperature, voltage control, and kernel specific extras.

EasyVBApps also offers video player apps for android. Many websites have listed this app in top 10 best root apps 2017 list. It can also monitor Android device’s CPU and battery temperature and time in state of your CPU. This Android root app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store, but there are some in-app purchases available for advanced features.

Device Control [root]
Price: Free+

#4. Xposed Framework For Android Lollipop/Marshmallow

Xposed Framework For Android Lollipop,Marshmallow

If you are using Android OS from a quite long time, then you might have heard about Custom ROMs before. Custom ROMs allows you to customize your Android device to a whole new level, and it can help you in increasing your device performance as well. Though installing Custom ROMs is not so easy, and it requires some knowledge about Android OS, so many users don’t prefer installing Custom ROMs in their Android device.

Xposed Framework is one of the best root apps for Android phone and tablets which you can use to customize your device without installing Custom ROMs. There are so many options for button remapping, theming, performance tweaks and UI customization available in this app and the only thing you want to find out is that the modules are compatible with your device or not.

#5. ROM Manager – Root Apps Download

ROM Manager - Best Rooted App

ROM Manager is must have app for Android root device. With this app you can easily flash your recovery to the latest and greatest ClockWorkMod recovery. If you have rooted Android and you often flash the new ROMS in it, then this tool will help you do that in easy way and it supports new versions of Android OS too.

You can also use this best rooted app to organize and perform backups and restores from within Android easily. You can also read more about android device manager app on this blog. When you will install this best app for any rooted android mobile then you will notice that there is an option to download best and famous ROM for free.

There are many people out there who are searching for best root apps 2017 for installing custom ROMs in rooted android, this app is must have for them. Not only this, but you can also install ROMs from your SD card and manage your ROMs via a handy UI.

ROM Manager
Developer: ClockworkMod
Price: Free+

#6. Smart Booster – Free Cleaner Root Apps APK

Smart Booster Free Cleaner Root Apps

As the name suggests, it is cleaner android app that helps you in boosting your device speed and performance. According to many tech giants this is one of the best app for rooted android and this is what every root user should install in his device. If you think that you phone is slow and while playing games it lags, then Smart Booster can help you.

If you are using Android, then you can also download videoder video downloader to download YouTube videos on Android. There is a RAM booster widget in this root apps for Android 2017, which adaptively boost RAM from anywhere. It can also clean cache from the device and cleans SD card from junk and cache created by apps. Moreover you can also use this must have root apps to hibernate, disable and auto-start apps.

Smart Booster - Free Cleaner

#7. Trickster MOD Kernel Settings – Best Apps For Rooted Android

Trickster MOD Kernel Settings

You will need a rooted android device and working busybox installation to make this app work in your device. If you are searching for some must have rooted android apps, then you should add this app to your list as it allows you to change settings of your kernel and other mods to your phone. The main advantage you get while using this app is its awesome support and the interactive interface.

With this 2017 best root apps you can overclock the phone you are using and make it work more effectively. You can also get information about CPU Statistics, CPU Frequency profile, Vibrator strength, Headset volume boost, High performance sound with this best apps for rooted android.

Trickster MOD Kernel Settings

#8. Link2SD – Must Have Root Apps

Link2SD - Must Have Root Apps

While phones with 128GB are being launched, but there are some people out there who are using Android device with 8GB or 4GB of internal storage. Though those devices can be rooted and you can also download top root apps of 2017 in them, but first of all you should install Link2SD app for rooted android mobile. If you are using a rooted android device with small internal storage capacity, then it can help you in moving data of the apps from internal storage to SD card. You can also read about google allo android download.

With this easy to use best rooted app for Android you can link external data and obb folders of apps and games to SD card, resulting in free storage capacity and increased performance. There are many more features available in this must have root apps for android phone, but with Link2SD Plus, you can enjoy some more advanced features.

Developer: Bulent Akpinar
Price: Free

Link2SD Plus (New)
Developer: Bulent Akpinar
Price: $2.35

#9. Root Firewall – Must Have Root Apps For Android 2017

Root Firewall - Must Have Root Apps For Android 2016

Firewall is a feature that protects you from threats and it comes pre-installed with Android OS. When you root android phone or tablet, there are chances that the default firewall stops working, so you should keep Root Firewall app for rooted android to stay protected. This root apps 2017 can help you in preventing over-billing of data, saving battery life, ad-blocking and protecting your privacy. This rooted apps Android allows you to block Internet access for any apps and it have a one-click widget that starts working once clicked.

Root Firewall
Developer: Root Uninstaller
Price: Free

#10. Solid Explorer Classic – Top Root Apps For Android

Solid Explorer Classic

Solid Explorer is a file explorer app for Android devices, and it is also one of the best app for rooted android mobile because it allows you to get deeper into your device storage and look for files. If you have a rooted android device and looking for root explorer apps for rooted android, then this file manager will meet your needs. Do best android launchers download from this blog. It is also one of the most trusted root apps 2017 because it provides you maximum security and there is also a good tool for viewing your media. This must have root apps for android have got an elegant UI look, which makes it look beautiful and easy to use.

Solid Explorer Classic
Developer: NeatBytes
Price: Free

Final Words

Root apps for customization can be easily found, and you can get those must have apps for rooted android for free. Though there are many more apps for root android phone available over the internet, but above mentioned apps after root are must have root apps 2017. Here in this blog, I have also posted about best free movie download sites. You can do root apps download from this page, or by downloading it from Google Play Store, do note that there are some apps for rooted android which are not available on Play Store, you can download those root apps 2017 as APK file. If you know about any other top root apps for android, then do let me know about them via comments below.


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