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Task Manager Android
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Task Manager For Android Phone Free Download

Task manager for android is always being searched. Some best task manager apps for android can help you in many ways because there many things you don’t know about your android. A task manager app for android can help you in improving the performance of your smartphone as well as they can cool it down too. We all know that Android is one of the most used mobile operating system in the world and according to recent reports, more than 68% of the total smartphones in the world runs on Android OS. If you are an android mobile device owner, then you should install best task manager apps to kill tasks, clean residual files and to make phone more secure. It is really a tough work to increase the performance of the phone because many apps keeps running in the background of android OS, and people often gets confused between the important one’s and unwanted one’s. There are few task manager android apps available out there on the internet which provides you great features.

If you are using Android device, then you should download task manager apps for it as they many help you in many situations where you want to save your battery or RAM from being used by useless services. You can also download tubemate app from this blog, to download videos on Android. Here in this post at  you can also find task manager for android apk which are not available on Google Play Store. Do note that there are many websites out there who are providing task manager for android free download but their package contains harmful malware and viruses. So beware of fake android task manager apps and sites.

You can easily download advanced task manager apps which can provide you some really advanced features to control your whole device. You can switch off apps from restarting automatically or running in background, which makes your device run faster. Moreover there are some security task manager apps for Android also available which can help you in increasing security of your Android phone.

Task Manager Android

Do you know that after the release of android OS update 2.2, there was a big change in all task management apps. Many best android launcher were launched to make Android device more cuztomizable. Task killers cannot kill the services and notifications on your phone, so I will recommend you to get a task manager for android tablet and smartphone. Below I have mentioned some best task manager apps for android, which can help you to manage tasks of your android phone and increase its battery life too. Another thing to note down here is that all of the android task manager mentioned below are good and you can use any of them. This list doesn’t rank any Task Manager Android, and all of them are good and you can download android task manager as you want.

Top 14 Best Task Manager For Android Phone and Tablets

Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager is one of the best task manager for android. This app runs on every version of android and can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. This app can help you to stop any of the tasks running on your android easily and quickly. Advanced Task Manager can also help you to manage all other apps of your device. This app also have an Anti-virus in it (security task manager), so you will get protection against latest viruses, malwares, and spywares by using it. If you are the one who loves to chat, then you can download google allo apk. There is one advanced feature in it, which automatically kills tasks on every screen off which means the tasks which are of no use will be shutted down when you will turn the screen off. There are many more great features available in this “android task manager app” like regular kill, startup kill, quick uninstaller, one click task kill widget, memory booster, RAM booster, memory cleaner and RAM cleaner. To stop tasks using Advanced Task Manager app, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Find out the task which you want to stop and long press on it.
  • Then a menu will appear, choose “Force Stop”.
  • To manage and stop running services, click on menu, then choose service. It will open a system service panel in which you can see all the running services, just click on any service to stop it.
Advanced Task Manager
Price: Free

Clean Master (Boost and AppLock)

Clean Master is one of the most popular task manager app and cleaner app for android. There are more than 200 million downloads of this app till now according to the Google Play Store. This is not only a task manager for Android but it is an antivirus too. Clean Master is simple, fast and secure app to manager your android phone. Antivirus and Speed Boost are included in this app which will help you to increase speed and security of your device from latest malwares and vulnerability respectively. Do you know about free torrent sites. As you know that the apps you use create lot of cache and residual files in your phone, this task manager Android app is made to clean those files which other cleaners can’t. I must say that the accuracy level of this app is amazing. The user interface of this app is also nice, I didn’t faced any problem while using it. You can also clean attitude dp with this app. This app is ranked #1 by AV-TEST for the fifth time! Some features of this app are listed below:

  • Device Cooler – Cools down your device by stopping and killing those apps which are overheating your device.
  • Junk File Cleaning – Cleans each and every cache, temporary and residual files and gives a boost to your device and SD card speed.
  • Memory Boost – There are features like one tap boost and game boost are available in it to free up your RAM and to optimize your gaming experience.
  • CPU Boost – Shows you how much CPU power is being used by an app. Helps you to stop those app and increase your processing speed.
  • Anti-Virus – It keep scanning pre-installed and user installed apps and files for malwares, trojans, viruses, spywares and other vulnerability.
  • This apps keeps scrubbing your personal info from your device which helps you to be safe.
Clean Master - Antivirus
Developer: Cheetah Mobile
Price: Free

Advanced Mobile Care (AMC Security) – Security Task Manager

Advanced Mobile Care is a task manager apps for android as well as an antivirus which gives your android phone maximum security from latest viruses, malware, spyware, malicious URLs, phishing sites, phone loss, etc. and it gives your protection against unwanted calls and SMS too. There are so many task managing features in like task killer, speeder, app manager, cloud backup, battery saver, privacy locker, gaming booster and advisor. AMC Security app is also a security android task manager and it is available in more than 30 languages, so it really doesn’t matter where you live, you can get it in the language your understand. If you are not able to download videos from Facebook, then you can read my guide about how to download facebook videos online. Some of the great features of this app are listed below:

  • Antivirus – Scans user-installed and pre-installed apps, files and folders. Gives you real time protection while installing or downloading new apps and files.
  • Security Zone – Detects malicious and harmful URL and web pages and warns you. Makes your internet safer.
  • One-Touch Scan – It can scan and clean redundant background tasks, cache, junk files, privacy records to release free storage space just with one click.
  • Privacy Locker – It will help you to lock and keep your personal files, folders safe.
  • Game Speeder – This can stop those services and tasks which are ruining your gaming experience.
  • Task Killer – Helps you in killing unused and memory consuming apps to makes to your phone faster.

Go Task Manager and Cleaner

Go Cleaner and Task Manager is one the most trusted task manager apk for android and a great task killer app. There are two versions of this apps available, one is free and other one is pro. This app shows all the apps that are running in background and gives you a one click option to close them down. This is one of the best app to monitor and kill apps, free memory, clean cache and speed up your android OS phone. You can also use free movie streaming sites to watch movies online. The most advanced task killer app which will make your phone fast and safe. Below I am listing some of the free version features along with pro version features so that you can find it useful in deciding which version you want.

Free Features

  • One click killing tasks.
  • Delete private records of your offline and online activities, such as call logs, messages logs, search history, browsing data.
  • Speed up your phone with clear cache option.
  • There is one more advanced feature in it named “Clear Apk Rubbish”. Which will free up space on your phone by deleting useless items.

Pro Features

  • One click to delete residual and trash files.
  • Gives you a shortcut to release memory and to kill tasks in the Notification Bar.
  • By using this amazing task manager app, you can also disable background running apps but for this you need to root your device.
  • You can monitor your network traffic of 2G/3G/4G and Wi-Fi data.
  • You can also disable startup apps permanently to increase phone’s startup speed (Rooted device needed). Don’t worry because there are many top best root apps available out there which you can install on your rooted android.
GO Cleaner & Task Manager

Advanced Task Killer – Task Manager For Android Phone

Advanced Task Killer is well known as much used best task manager for android. This app is free and easy to use. There are many features available in it like Ignore List, One tap widget, Auto kill, Customize item height etc. All these features can help you to give a boost to your device’s performance, speed and security.

Advanced Task Killer is mostly known as ATK and this app is often used to clean memory and to kill apps. I will suggest you to use manually killing feature in this app instead of auto killing app. ATK is pretty simple, fast, free and easy to use app. To kills many apps at once using this app, just open Advanced Task Killer and check the list of all running apps. Then uncheck some apps you don’t want to kill (such as Advanced Task Killer and some system apps). After doing this tap the button ‘Kill selected apps’, it will kill all applications checked. The killing process will take seconds and will free up RAM for better use. After killing apps using this task manager for android phone you will start realizing that the speed of your phone is increased and now the apps are working fast, without hanging.

Advanced Task Killer
Developer: ReChild
Price: Free

ES Task Manager (Task Killer )

If you have used or currently using ES File Explorer on your Android mobile or tablet, then you will glad to know about ES Task Manager app for Android. This is one of the best task manager apps for Android available right now, and it is developed by same developers of ES File Explorer. This task killing app is available for free and you can download task manager app for Android from Google Play Store. This free android task manager also allows you to uninstall unwanted apps from your device and helps you in saving your Android device memory.

  • Save Battery
  • Free Memory
  • Kill Task
  • Uninstall App
  • Speed up the phone
  • View device Info
ES Task Manager (Task Killer )
Developer: ES Global
Price: Free

Download Task Manager App For Android (Updated)

Developer: ByteHamster
Price: Free
Free Advanced Task Manager
Developer: Arron La
Price: Free
Task Manager
Developer: Duong Tuan Vu
Price: Free
Task Killer And Task Manager
Watchdog Task Manager
Developer: Zomut, LLC
Price: $3.49
The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean

Final Words

If you own an Android phone or tablet, then you should definitely use one task manager for android apps in it to increase its performance and security. With advanced task manager and security task manager mentioned above, you can ensure maximum security and performance of your device. So friends these were some of the best task manager apps for android phones and tablets which you can use to increase the performance of your android device, moreover some of the task manager for android have an anti-virus in them too, so you can use these them as a security app for android too. You can also download pokemon android game from here.

Though there are many more task manager android and task killing apps available in Google Play Store but I have included only these task manager for android apk because I have used them before and on the basis of  my experience, their ratings and reviews from different stores. Hope you have found these android task manager apps and this article helpful and if you know about any other good task manager for android free download links, then do let me know about them via comments.

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