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Pokemon Go Apk Download For Android/iPhone | Pokémon Go Game Download 0.39.1 APK

Pokemon Go Game Download APK
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Download Pokemon Go APK – Pokemon Go Android/iPhone

Pokemon Go APK Download: Pokemon Go is something which is trending all over the world from last few weeks. Yeah, it’s same what’s related to Pokemon Cartoon. Pokemon Go for Android is much awaited and people were searching for Pokémon download Android and Pokémon Go iPhone download links when Pokemon Go was launched for people of United States, Australia and New Zealand. Do you know that I have also shared free netflix premium accounts on this blog. Till now Pokémon Go is released in 11 countries and recently Apple said that Pokémon Go is most downloaded app in a first week ever.

By thing you can think about how popular Pokémon Go is. People from all over the world are playing Pokémon Go right now, and you should too. Pokémon Go APK for Android can be downloaded from below if you are not able to find Pokémon Go download Android links. Moreover, if you are from a country like India, where Pokemon Go is not yet launched, then also you can use apk Pokémon Go apk file to download and play Pokemon Go right now. Pokémon Go India is also what people searching so I decided to post about it too, below you will also find steps to download Pokemon Go India for Android and iPhone.

Pokemon Go Game Download APK

Pokemon Go is definitely a new type of game, which doesn’t have any alternatives out there. You can also check top movie streaming sites to watch movies online. There are many websites and blogs out there who are offering Pokemon Go android download and iPhone download, but beware of some fake sites. You may end up downloading viruses and malware by using those fake sites to download Pokemon GO APK. If you want Pokemon Go for iPhone and Android, then you can use below mentioned link to download Pokémon Go APK.

If you are wondering that how Pokemon Go works, then let me tell you that in Pokemon GO game, you will find PokeStops and Gyms but you will not have access to them. One Pokémon from your team needs to be assigned to a Gym, and on the basis of popularity, the Gym gets stronger avoids it from being attacked by another team of Pokémon.

Pokemon Go Game Download: Pokemon Go game is released in many countries and you can check the whole list below, but unfortunately Pokemon Go India version is not yet released, so if you want to know how to install Pokemon Go in India then you can read below article and download Pokemon Go apk for Android devices, and Pokemon Go iPhone.

Features of Pokémon Go APK, Pokemon GO Android, Pokémon Go iPhone

Below I have mentioned some of the top features of Pokemon Go game:

  • There are Gyms situated around you where you can go and earn rewards by fighting with other users and upgrade your pokémons.
  • You can also get rewards in exchange of pokémons. If you don’t need a Pokemon, then just give it back to the professor.
  • There is one Professor in this game, which tells you about the Pokemon Go game, and gives you your first pokémon when you start the game.
  • You can trade your pokémons with other users from other areas.
  • In Pokemon Go, you can have almost 151 Pokémons, the original ones that were introduced at the very beginning, and they can be evolved using the rewards.
  • It is an augmented reality game which gives you real life experience as you walk around your surroundings while playing it.

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Pokémon Go Game Download Info and About

Pokemon Go is basically a free to play location based augmented reality mobile game which is developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. It uses your GPS location and camera to capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon. Though Pokemon Go game download can be done for free, but there are some additional gameplay items which can be purchased through in-app purchases. Pokemon Go is a big hit, and now the developers of Pokemon Go game are planning to release out Pokemon Go Plus, which will support Bluetooth wearable devices too.

Pokemon Go Game Android

Pokemon Go Game Android

Pokemon Go Game iPhone

Pokemon Go Game iPhone

Pokemon Go was released on July 6, 2016 and by July 20, the game was downloaded by more than 30 million people from all over the world. If you want to know more about Pokemon Go game download and want to get more Pokemon Go info related to Pokemon Go update date according to countries, then you can check out the below table showing Pokemon Go release date according to countries.

Pokémon Go Release Date Country In Which Pokemon Go Is Released
July 6, 2016 Australia, New Zealand, United States
July 13, 2016 Germany
July 14, 2016 United Kingdom
July 15, 2016 Italy, Spain, Portugal
July 16, 2016 Most of Europe
July 17, 2016 Canada
July 22, 2016 Japan

Pokemon Go India | Pokémon Go APK For Android

Pokemon Go APK For Android and Pokemon Go APK India is being searched by Indian Pokemon fans from the time this game is released. You can also download wings of fire book from this blog. If you also want to download Pokemon Go in India, then you can download Pokemon Go apk file and install it on your system. Another good thing to know about Pokemon Go is that the Pokémons will be available in the game according to the area of the user. For example, if you live near the sea, you’re likely to bump into water Pokémons in most cases. Many areas will have rarest of the rare Pokémons, particularly in those regions.

How To Play Pokemon Go Game – Video Tutorial

So, I hope you are now able to download Pokemon Go for Android and iPhone, but there are many people out there who don’t know how to play Pokémon Go. If you are one of them, then here is a video tutorial on how to play Pokemon Go right now. Do you know that I have also shared about best movie download sites. There’s nothing hard about it, just download Pokemon Go game for your smartphone, install it, enable internet and location services and you are good to go. Check out how to play Pokemon Go video tutorial below.

Pokemon Go Android Download | Pokemon Go iPhone Download

I am now going to provide you Pokemon Go game download Android links, and Pokemon Go iPhone download links, but before moving on, let me tell you that you will have to enable one setting of your Android device to successfully install Pokemon Go APK latest version. You can read more about some whatsapp group names list to know about some cool funny group names for WhatsApp. To do this, just open Settings of your phone and scroll down till you see Security settings. Open Security settings and scroll down to the point where you see Install Apps From Unknown Sources option (it will be under Device Administration tab). After enabling it, you can download Pokemon Go update version and start playing Pokemon Go game.

Download Pokemon Go Game For Android – Google Play Store

Pokémon GO
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Price: Free+

Download Pokemon Go iPhone Game and Other iOS Devices – iTunes Store

Pokémon GO
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Price: Free+

Pokemon GO APK Download | Pokémon Go .apk File Info

Package Name com.nianticlabs.pokemongo
Version 0.29.1 arm
Pokémon Go APK Size 58.06 MB
Required Android Version Android 4.4 and higher
Location Where Pokémon Go Works Countires where it is released, along with Pokemon Go India, Canada, UK, France, China, etc.

Final Words

Pokemon Go is definitely a new addition to smartphone’s games family, but its not like other games. If you are a 90s kid, then you might know about Pokemons and Pokemon cartoon. If yes, then Pokémon Go download is waiting for you and you should definitely do Pokemon Go android download and Pokemon Go iPhone download to play Pokémon Go online. Do you know that there are many top movies app download to watch movies for free.

Though Pokemon Go game download is not yet released in India, so you can’t download Pokemon Go India version, but if you still want to play Pokemon Go, then you can download Pokemon Go apk file and then install it on you Android device. If you are using Android, then you can download root apps for android. Pokemon Go for iPhone is available freely, and you can easily download Pokemon Go for iPhone from iTunes Store, above I have shared step by step tutorial on how to download Pokemon Go in India. If you know anything about Pokemon Go game, then share it with us via comments section below. I would love to hear more about Pokemon Go android apk and Pokemon Go iPhone download links.

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