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Best Ping Tool For Windows Download

EasyPing is a networking tool for Windows PC, that can be downloaded for free over the internet. In order to test the connectivity strength between your machine and the remote machine you can use this tool as it is a little, but user-friendly tool enables you to send the ping command to one or multiple hosts at the same time. You can also download registry scanner from this blog. The best thing about EasyPing is that it doesn’t put load on your CPU and RAM. You don’t even have to worry about the installation process of EasyPing as it comes wrapped in a single .exe file that can be saved in a custom location on the HDD or copied to a USB flash disk to seamlessly run it on any PC. Before installing this tool, you must have .NET Framework installed on your system. You can download the latest .NET Framework from Microsoft website. Other than that, it doesn’t change your Windows registry settings or create extra files on the disk without your permission.

The GUI of this tool is neat and clean and you will not face any kind of problem in installing and using it. It have a simple layout, where you can add as many host names or IP addresses as you want to the task list before starting the ping command for all of them. Once you have done it, this pinging tool will automatically open Command Prompt window for sending ping and displaying network-related statistics. It doesn’t implement options for stopping the operation or for changing delay times, TTL or number of retries.

What Is EasyPing and How It Works?

There are so many other pinging tools available over the internet which offers more advanced features than EasyPing, but in this tool you can add batch file on the spot with the current settings, in order to ping the specified hosts by just double-clicking .bat file, without asking the help of this application. Apart from the fact that you can save the configuration to open it later with EasyPing!, as well as to remove any host’s entry from the list, there are no other notable options available. Here are some of the features of EasyPing:

  • Start multiple ping at the same time.
  • Save/load a list of hosts.
  • Verify if the hostname is resolvable via DNS.
  • Automatically create a batch file to easily launch multiple icmp requests on multiple hosts without the need of the main exe file. you can free download EasyPing! 1.1 now.
  • Allows you to run trace and ping operations at the same time.
  • Audible notification when ping status changes ( e.g.: responsive to non-responsive).
  • Saves all your pinged and traced addresses.
  • EasyTunnel Download.
  • Ability to save any of the results to a file in RTF format.
  • Easy ping makes no modification to the registry, thus making it very easy to run from a usb drive.
  • Once loaded EasyPing resides on your taskbar.

How Pinging Works

If you are a webmaster or blogger, then you will be happy to know that EasyPing software program can also help you in pinging search engines to support Joomla. With EasyPing 1.1, you can easily ping popular search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN Live, Technorati and more. EasyPing is also very  known for its another great feature, that is creation of sitemap file (.xml) automatically with the last hundred contents. If you want to enter sitemap manually, then you can write one for your site, and from then EasyPing will ping that sitemap instead of that generated automatically. With the easy to use graphical user interface, the application combines the command line tools that are most often used to diagnose networking connectivity.

Download EasyPing and File Information

License Freeware
File Name EasyPing –
File Size 33.55KB
Operating System Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Requirements .NET Framework 2.0 or higher
Last Updated June 10, 2008
Publisher Easy VB Apps

Final Words

EasyPing from EasyVBApps comes with all of the basic and advanced features and elements, that are required for pinging multiple hosts at once. You can also read about guide to bypass firewall easily. Though the GUI of the tool is not so attractive, but it does offer helpful features. There are many more pinging tools available out there over the internet, but if you want to download pinging tool that is light-weight and offers advanced features, then you can download EasyPing for sure. If you are facing any problem with this tool, then do let me know about it via comments below.

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