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Best Android Launcher Apps
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Best Android Launchers Download | Home Launcher Android APK

Android is the most used and trusted mobile operating system in the world, we all know that. Though there are many more mobile OS available out there, but most of the people prefer using Android because of its flexibility and ease of use. Even some big companies like Samsung, HTC, and Sony etc. launch their handsets powered with android operating system. Generally phones come with default or stock Google launcher, and that’s pretty generic and doesn’t look good.. If you are bored with the default android launcher, then you may customize, and give a whole new look to your handset by installing best launchers for Android into it.

This is one of the best thing about Android, it is very easy to customize it just about every aspect. Free Android Launchers provide tons of options, themes and icons for your android smartphone and tablets. You can also do tubemate download from this blog for Tubemate android app. Launcher Android can customize every transition and animation, change the grid or even replace the app drawer with a smart interface that presents the apps you need, before you even knew you wanted them. With so much to choose from though, it can be hard to find the right launcher, but don’t worry because here in this article I am going to tell you about some of the best android launchers for smartphones and tablets to customize your device.

Best Android Launcher Apps

There are tons of great android apps for customization available over Google Play Store, but most of them are useless and if you install them in your Android smartphone/tablet, then you may end up slowing down your device. To stay safe and customize your Android, you should always use best launcher for android 2016, so that you can make your device look cool. I am going to list down some of the top best free android launcher apps, and you can also call them best android apps for customization 2016.

Do note that some of the launchers may make your device run slow (not all), as they use special animations and transitions effects to provide you best good looking interface. Do you know that you about some torrent download sites to download free torrents from. I have tried below mentioned top launcher for android 2016 and they are working fine without any issues, so you can download launcher for Android mentioned below to give a whole new look to your device.

What Are Android Launchers? Advantages of using Top Launcher For Android  2016

Before moving on to the best Android launcher 2016 list, you should know about Android Launchers first. Launchers for Android phone are normal apps which can transform your device into a whole new look. You can easily customize your home screen, user interface, icons and themes. Though there are several advantages of using top launchers for Android 2016, but here I am listing only some of them.

Advantages of Android Launchers 2016

  1. You can easily customize your android home screen, wallpapers and other UI things to make it look good.
  2. Some launchers for Android also include icon packs, which changes the icon interface, so you get a whole new look.
  3. There are some free android launchers like Action Launcher available which comes with cool widgets.
  4. Most of the top Android launchers 2016 works great with Android Marshmallow, Android Lollipop, Android Kitkat and Android Gingerbread.

Best Android Launchers For Tablet and Phone | Launchers For Android 2016

#1. Yahoo Aviate Launcher For Android
We all know about Yahoo, how big and creative it is. They have jumped into the Google Play Store with their Android launcher, Yahoo Aviate Launcher which will take your android smartphone and tablets to the next level. If you are bored and want to get rid of that old cluttered and boring stock Android phone, then you must download this launcher. I have also posted about wings of fire pdf free download, which you can download for free. This launcher for android phones and tablets is better from others because it automatically organizes your apps and shows you the information you need. Along with being beautiful, this launcher is smart too, suppose if you plug in your headphones, then it will offers you quick access to media controls and your favorite music apps.

Do you know that recently Verizon bought Yahoo for $5 Billion. You can read more about this news here.

#2. Google Now Launcher - Best Launcher For Android

As the name suggests, This app launcher for android is made by Google (and comes pre-installed on Nexus phones), to make their own android operating system more customizable. It is one of the best launchers for android devices available right now, transitions in it are quick and clean, and there’s nothing to worry about the speed of the device as it consumes very less memory. It have an option to search your query on the internet or do something with your device by voice commands, all you have to do is to say “Ok Google” to trigger voice input. Then say your search query. Or tell your phone what to do, like send a text message, get directions, or play a song. There are some free movie streaming sites no sign up available out there.

Google Now Launcher
Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free
#3. Apex Launcher - Top Android Launcher Apps

Just like Nova, Apex Launcher give you smooth performance over your android device, and gives you a good level of customization to create a genuinely appealing alternative to most standard Android launchers. There are two versions of it, one is free and one is paid. The free version of this home launcher for android allows you to customize the home-screen grid size, with up to 9 screens, as well as a scroll-able dock with up to 5 pages. Infinite scrolling, transition animations, numerous folder styles and multiple app drawer styles are some more amazing features of this launcher.

Apex Launcher
Developer: Android Does
Price: Free
Apex Launcher Pro
Developer: Android Does
Price: $3.99
#4. Nova Launcher - Android Launcher Download APK

Nova Launcher is one of the most trusted and best launcher android devices can have, this launcher app is available for android smartphones and tablets. It is fast, sleek and highly customizable. It balances extensive appearance and utility customization with a minimal performance impact, letting you set your home screen just right without slowing down performance. If you love watching movies, then you can download movie apps for iPhone. There are lot of more options in it, which lets you to change color themes, icon packs, folder settings, infinite scrolling and many more. New updates allow users to access KitKat interface features, such as transparent system bars.

Nova Launcher
Price: Free
#5. Smart Launcher 3 - Best New Launcher For Android 2016

As the name suggests, it’s smart and powerful too. Smart Launcher 3 for Android tablets and phone is another great launcher, which one can have in its android device. This launcher will convert your android device’s screen into a minimalist home screen, consisting of a radial menu of slots where you can place your most frequently used apps such as your dialer, contacts and mail. It will also organize your device’s app into various categories like games, internet and multimedia apps, while allowing users to manually sort too. There are two versions of this launcher available, one is paid and one is free. The paid version includes expanded lock screen functionality, as well as a secondary screen where you can place widgets. In this launcher you can customize almost every element of the user interface. You can search for launcher themes for android to customize more.

Smart Launcher 3
Price: Free+
#6. Action Launcher 3 For Android
Action launcher for Android 2016 is one of the best launchers for android phones and tablets. It allows you to customize your Android device completely, and gives you features like Quick page, Quickdraw, covers, shutter, etc. If you are looking for best android launchers, then you will find this launcher in all of the Android launcher list 2016. There is one feature named Quickbar available in it, which allows you to customize Google Search bar, with shortcuts and apps.

Action Launcher 3
Developer: Action Launcher
Price: Free+
#7. Solo Launcher - Free Android Launcher Download

Solo Launcher for Android is among top launchers for Android devices and currently about 100 million people are using it worldwide. This launcher app for Android is listed in Top 3 Launchers in the category on Google Play Store. It uses Material Design 2.0, which gives a premium and easy to use interface to your device. You can also read about netflix login and password to get free netflix accounts. This is not just best Android launcher 2016, but it also cleas cache to to boost speed of your Android device, clears storage, and saves memory faster. This is Android launcher for lollipop, marshmallow, kitkat and contains thousands of themes, wallpapers, and smart widgets.

Solo Launcher-Clean,Smooth,DIY
#8. Arrow Launcher - Fastest Android Launcher 2016

“Astonishingly good” – Android Central
“The best Android launcher just got better” –
“Knows you better than you know yourself” – Android PIT

Arrow Launcher might be a name to many people but it is currently one of the best personal app launcher for Android. This launcher for Android also have battery and memory saving technology, which helps you in getting most out of your android device. You can also download gb whatsapp plus. This launcher is very lightweight, so it won’t affect your device performance, and you get some Bing wallpapers daily for free. It also allows Wunderlist integration, so that you can have access to your reminders everywhere on all devices.

Arrow Launcher
Price: Free
#9. Launcher 8 WP Style

There is a constant fight between Android, iOS and Windows Phone users and it is a never ending fight. All of them claim to be the best mobile operating system, and those who are running Android, but still want to get Windows like look on it, then Launcher 8 WP Style will help you in doing that. You can use this launcher android to customize your Android and turn in into in a Windows Phone device. There are so many different themes option available in this launcher, which you can choose according to your needs. You can choose different sizes of tiles, modify colors and icons of the tiles. There is another great feature of this Android launchers 2016 is Featured Tile, in which you can add anything like Time, LED light, contact or anything to get access to it faster. This is one of the best android launchers available right now.

Launcher 8 WP style
Developer: XinYi Dev Team
Price: Free+
#10. CM Launcher 3D - Theme Wallpaper

CM Launcher for Android phone and tablets is developed is Cheetah Mobile Inc. and it is one of the most useful android launcher if you want to customize its theme and wallpaper. This launcher android free have some amazing 3D transition effects and it is of very small size, so it won’t even eat your device RAM and storage. You can also read my post about whatsapp dare games. Another good thing about this launcher for Android tablets and phone is that you can also create your own Android theme using it, and add some animation and sound effects to it. This app is available in more than 20 languages, so it really doesn’t matter where you live, you can find one in your language too, another good thing about this best android launchers is that you can also hide apps using it (no root needed).

Final Words

Best Android Launchers are hard to find as there are thousands of top launchers for android 2016 available out there on the internet for android smartphones and tablets, but the launchers mentioned above are the best android launchers 2016 and I will keep updating this list. I have also posted about zbigz premium account password. Android launchers out there will allow you to tweak the device’s behavior to suit your daily usage, you can make your home screens as simple or complicated as you wish. Using free android launchers you can have a kind of phone you wish to, and make it look more beautiful than ever. You can also do Pokemon Go game download from this blog. So these were some of the best android launchers for tablets and smartphones. I hope you have liked them, and if you are using another top android launchers, then do let me know about them via comments below, so that I can add them to this new launcher android 2016 list.

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